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            Hi! I’m Kristian from, 11th grade student in Hang Tuah 5 SHS. It’s an honor for me to share and tell my experience again, right now like usual I’ll write about my story experiencing two speech competition. The first one is my competition in Hang Tuah Foundation, I take first runner up as my achievement. Actually it’s a great experience due to the limit of the time. That was a very busy and challenging moment. My school chosen me to compete in that competition a week before the day, I was shock hearing that announcement but I think it’s a great opportunity for me to take that challenge, at least it’ll make my skill better if I serious in this chance.

            Actually my school have so much experienced student in many field. I always have a hope for them to get an opportunity from school to be chosen in any competition, I think it’s pity if school not give any opportunity for them. That’s all just about pressure, no matter how much people give a burden to you, if you just trying even if just a little try. I believe that pressure from the burden will trained you to become a better person.

            That time I only have 3 or 4 occasion to practice with my teacher (Ms. Shinta and Mr. Bachrudin) it was fun to practice with them, we just have a few times to make the practice become useful because the limit of the time increase the pressure to make a good performance. I was take that practice seriously because I always remember the lesson from one of my inspirational person for not underestimate all of the thing in our life, even if it just a small thing and don’t have value for us, we have to believe everything have their own reason to be exist and that reason make everything have a value if we take it seriously and sincerely. That’s why I assume this competition like a national competition that I must won. Not being ambitious but wary, I believe all of the challenge that I take have their own reason and I can’t waste that just like that.

            Eventually I meet the day, it was tense remembering I wasn’t practice long enough to make myself truly get ready. I know we all never ready when comes to the time, what I do is just praying and make the hand of God work on my body. I just wanna say thank you to all of the 12 grade that accompany and supporting me that time, that was a great vibes from all of you that made my spirit burned awake. When I see the other competitor performance, it was make me nervous. They all are good and fluent to deliver their speech. Suddenly the judges already waiting for me to tell my speech, before that, all of my friend deliver their yell-yell first for supporting me. Actually this competition is an Indonesian speech competition, but I slipped some English word for strengthen my opinion. It also the first time I deliver an Indonesian speech in the competition, I slip my tongue in some words but I keep trying to stay focus and smiling. I wasn’t satisfy for my performance that time, but again all of my friends make me confident by keep supporting me and say that I have been done a great job

            Finally the time for announcement has come. In the last second I always convincing myself what matter the result is, I have to remember that I already done a good job and God already worked in my body. I keep praying for the best, not to become a number one, not to become a winner, but become a better me. No matter how good you are, if we can’t take a small thing wisely it will just become a small thing. But if we widen our glasses and see the other side, we can find that everything big was start from a very small thing. Thank you.

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