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            This is my story when experiencing about how the power of pray really work. That day my school has chosen me to participate in Province English Speech Competition (SMANISDA CUP HERENCIA) it was my first time participate in Province Competition. I join this competition with my friend Anjar from XI IPS 1, we both are the member of OSIS or Student Organization in school. The thing is, the date of Herencia is very close enough to Youth Festival of my school, certainly as a member of Student organization we have to prepare and make sure all of the piece of this Festival have been good enough. Due to the preparation of this Event and remembering how we are really take a serious innovation to make this festival really work, we don’t have time to take a moment preparing the text, etc.

            I’m not blaming the situation that time, I have a fault too for not making a commitment in the beginning to manage my time doing this preparation. Someday we must meet this situation right? When the time not become friendly to us, or when you can’t expect how fast clock is ticking and suddenly it comes to the deadline. Of course I never blaming the time and situation, otherwise we can think and remember our mistake to introspect our self to become a better one right? Actually I have enough time to prepare the text one month before the competition, but there will always be a trap when you not aware. I felling down and set in the trap, I was careless and delay my preparation. I was thought that I still have so much time to prepare this and I can do it in the last minute, but in the end I never think about how much obstacle that I meet in the middle of the preparation, whether I have to go all the way to Surabaya by motorcycle with my organization to hunting for event preparation until I got sick because I have to get rained on the way home. It was a challenging experience and I feel grateful to have passed it, all of it make me know how difficult the obstacle that we have to meet when we want a great result. There are nothing in this world, the priceless pristine result without a pain in it, like a wise men say right “no pain, no gain”.

            Suddenly 2 days before the-day. I just started to write my text, I almost give up because I have to make two text in one night. Even 1 day before the competition I just finish my first text, the challenge not stop there. In the technical meeting of that competition I have choose second theme when picking the lottery which is the text that I haven’t finish yet. I feel confuse and doesn’t know what will I do there, but there are still a magical work from God if we surrender to God and still have a hope even just a little. The committee of the competition make a transformation in the technical rules, the implementation day has been change to Sunday and it was Saturday before. It means that I have one day more to prepare my other text. But again, God always give me pressure to train me. In Saturday, my illness appear again that make me can’t wake up from my bed. I was so weak, I even can’t thinking to arrange my text. So I just resting in my bed all the day and hoping there are still any change I can come to the place for competing.

            Come to the day, it was 7 am and my mother wake me up asking me if I join this competition or not. I was thinking very hardly how I can make this success, I haven’t even start to write my text yet but I decided to not give up and try to start. The clock pointing at 8 am and I start typing on my laptop, I just have 1 hour before the competition begin. I arrived at the place in 9 am and still trying to remembering my text, it was stressful and again I just give up all of my problem to God and let Him work on my body and my mouth. Finally the announcement of grand finalist, and guess what? Unbelievably I pass the semifinal round, I was in the last position. I realized a little hope still exist in this condition, I try my best in the grand finale.

            The final round is making an impromptu speech, that time I just tell my experience about the weapon that we have throughout life of us, the weapon that make us strong in every situation, the weapon which make us overcome all of the obstacle that occur in our life, that weapon is God. Actually I did give up in the very last time, I just lost my hope to win in this competition. But my teacher Ms. Shinta always remind me to pray before the announcement, make me realized there are nothing impossible when it comes to the God plan. When the MC say my name for the second runner up, I was shock with that result. I was very grateful that all of my pain did produce a result, it was a happiness experience in my life, an unforgettable experience. From this long story I just want to say to you all guys, there are nothing impossible when we give it all to God. God plan will always surprise us if we believes, like I said before there isn’t a pristine priceless result if we not let ourselves in “pain” first. Hope you all have a great day! Thank you!

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